Many questions are probably buzzing around your head regarding learning Salsa and other Latin dances.
We are often asked how long it takes to learn, that of course depend on the individual and how many lessons you want to attend.
Many of our members attend a couple of times a week and have found this to have helped them gain the Latin Knowledge more quickly, but don't worry if you can't attend more than once a week, you will still learn!
We are here to help so if you haven't quite mastered something, don't be afraid to ask us to show you again!
If you don't have a partner this is not an issue, there is always someone who is in the same position as you and at some point in the lesson you may end up changing partners a few times on the Cuban wheel so you will soon get to know your fellow members!
We advise you wear cool clothing as it can get quite hot and preferably outdoor shoes as trainers can stick to the floor. Don't buy the expensive Latin dance shoes until you are completely Sure it's something you want to continue doing.
LATIN lessons